28 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Feel STUCK with an Escort/Prostitute Addiction”

  1. Man, this makes alot if sense to me. When I am acting in through thoughts that's I usually would stop myself from thinking about or cruising on internet in ways that I wouldn't, it's like I'm running through stop signs and it's a matter of time acting out finds opportunity.
    This clears up alot thank you. 😊

  2. for some of the comments below. its a leech relationship a human being taking other human being's money without remorse, compassion and respect. my opinion treat others like they treat you. the reality is simple you cant turn off sex cravings. find a way to co-exist.

  3. Imagine being the guy who the prostitute lies to in order to date or have a real relationship with, while she solicits sex behind your back.
    I mean, there's ways to handle them but I'd rather not go there.

  4. Men the first third of your life is to sleep the second is to Make money and the last is to spend time with your love ones. Be disciplined and have faith. Overcome your addiction just like I’m trying to do so and guess what today is the first day

  5. I love this video! That is what women want and need – a man that is a 10. It's not about looks at all. It's about integrity, self value, valuing her life, and being best friends with her. Making her happy but not in an obvious way. Just small things in her life. They all add up to a great relationship.

  6. Gentlemen,
    Understand that these woman that are taking your money, they will steal from you in a heartbeat. They will steal your watch, your money, they will blackmail you (ask Charlie Sheen). They don't care about you. You are nothing to them. Do not let these people have the honor of your body, EVER.

  7. This was a great video! You're quite insightful with the 3 reasons. Thanks for reinforcing the necessity to improve ourselves. That's key! Also, now I have a name to my bad habit: "Compulsive Cruising".😮

  8. You don't need to do research on massage parlors as far as the girls. Maybe to see if sting operations have been conducted. They are everywhere and reviews are not always accurate and girls get rotated every month. Being a high valued man isn't always the best option because sex may not always be consistent, especially in a long term relationship. It gets old having sex with the same girl. Especially if she is using sex as a bargaining tool. You can put yourself in a bad situation. You see a lot of false accusations made by girls claiming to be raped. Depending on what type of girl that you are in a relationship with. It might be cheaper to pay for a escort. Celebrities pay for them also, because women don't love men for who they are. Women love men for what they can do for them.

  9. This is a very complicated issue. It can't really be well explained with just two or three videos. For many men now an escort really is the only option. Hypergamy has caused this. It's not going away, it will just get worse. Unless women can be convinced to stop only going after the top 10 per cent of men. That will never happen.

  10. I have been doing this for 9 years now. Only a few times during these years was I sad about not being in a commited relationship with someone I love. Sex workers actually realesed me from the burden of seeking a romantic relationship with a woman and then spending all my time with her. To a young man this would sound like blasphemy, and I understand. I felt the same when I was young, and the few times I went to the massage parlors, I defnintly experienced shame and sex guilt. But now I am older and my free time alone is more important than being in a relationship! For guys like me, escorts can save lives. If I went to a massage parlour today, I would feel the same sex guilt and shame when I was 20. Not because what I did was morraly wrong( its not, its more like neutral as long as you treat others with respect and kindness) , but more because those enviorments are negative and its a bad enviorment for both the client and the sex worker. Complete change when I started seeing only carrer profesional indipendent sex workers. Many became casual friends and it was a very positive experience. It got me out of my shell and helped me apreciate women. All my relationships and communication with women improved dramaticly. This did not happen overnight though, it was a progression. And I did this consciously, trying to improve every session, practicing the art of being a kind and respectful client. I found that many of these women also apreciated company and simple human interaction, being intimate, but not needing it to turn into a relationship. To me this was beyond relationships, this felt like the cutting edge of human sexuality and emerging new relationship styles. But yes, for young dudes seeing escorts is often a disaster. It could help but it could also harm you. I am fortunante in that I am not a demi-sexual person. I can enjoy sex with someone without having romantic feelings for them. Many people are not oriented in this way and so what they experience is massive shame and negative emotions. This is also very biased because I happen to be a good looking, tall guy. I also knew with conviction at around 17 that I did not want to be married, have a family or own a home. My situation is unique and it can not be applied by most, so do not think this is advice or a good excuse to get back into it. If this is an addiction for you, its time to get the hell out and focus on other things.

  11. I’m so happy you decided to make videos on this subject !!!

    I have a VERY long story to tell… but I will make it short…

    I found out in 2015 that my partner of 30+ years has been seeing prostitutes the WHOLE TIME IVE BEEN WITH HIM !!!!


    After I found out …my mind was blown …
    I moved out the next day.
    I started drinking to self medicate.
    I almost killed myself…
    I felt sorry for him
    I moved back & tried to start over…
    I couldn’t get it out of my head..
    I was obsessed with wondering what he’s doing all day ( he is a courier& drives around all day long… perfect job for a sex addict huh )

    After trying to hold myself & the relationship together for 6 years … I came to the conclusion I COULD NEVER TRUST HIM EVER AGAIN….

    I made plans to leave…..AND FINALLY LEFT HIM….

    His addiction started when he was 18 years old

    He is now 62…

    There are only a few sex addiction THERAPISTS in this COUNTRY!!!!!

    There are MILLIONS of sex addicts !!!!

    Maybe you could become a sex addiction therapist!!!!


    We did go to one… a very good one….

    But I have no idea if it really helped him or not…..

    I also went to therapy … for many years !!!!!

    You are a gorgeous young man… I can’t understand why you even had to do that….

    I wish you the best !!!!!!


  12. I can't believe somebody is actually talking about this stuff. I live with mom and am in my late 30s. I can't bring any girl home and picking up women alone without any friends is not exactly easy. Escorts are my only outlet for sexual release. I have managed to make it a 3 month or so habit but it's still there.

  13. Man I can’t believe I ran across your page. I have a crazy story. I come from a mom who was an escort so I was always aware of backpage and this and that. Since I was 18 escorts were normal, so I would go and see them and pay and I did it for years. I struggled with drugs and me and my baby mom had a kid, she also was an escort. She never got clean or changed and I ended up getting custody of my son and changed my life. But this is definitely a demon I have dealt with for a very long time. Ugh sorry this just hit home and wanted to share a little off the top of my head

  14. This all happens to guys who are not open to girl friends in talk in schools and not been to experience of love and discovering self masturbation in young age and having clarity about sex education with friends. Being late bloomers suffer later part of life. So be an extrovert.
    I think he can earn better now in YouTube and bear his losses and share his experience via YouTube. Kudos

  15. You make alotta good points, however, most guys aren’t going to be able to “transform themselves into a 10”. Some guys are just going to be left out of the mix, and I don’t think our modern society provides a good solution for average guys who are getting passed up by “high quality” women. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think porn or prostitution is the answer, but these are tough times for the average guy, and expecting them to just be celibate or take whatever they can get from the dating market is unrealistic and unfair. Good video though, and much appreciated!

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