27-Year-Old Lawyer Pleads Guilty Of Prostitution

This is by far one of the most bazaar story’s, i have heard in quite some time. Reema Bajaj Sounds and looks like shes of Pakistani decent but, probably born and educated here. This licensed Attorney with her own law practice,,yes her own business..At 27 years old and some say, shes even younger maybe 25 hasn’t been a lawyer very long.

Owning your own law practice at that age, is an incredible accomplishment to say the least, can you imagine how proud her parents are of her? That is every Lawyers dream to one day, own his/her own business and not being a mere partner in one.

Ms Bajaj pleaded guilty to having sex with a man for..get this..$100. Yes you heard me right a measly $100 American Dollar’s! Most Women working the strip in Vegas or, around many neighborhoods across this land, will at least ask the john for more then $100! Something tells me this Women isn’t a very good business person nor, is she a very good Lawyer and apparently, not a very good prostitute neither!

Get yo Money! That is on page one of the prostitute hand book, she must not have been paying attention when they went over that part. Now it get even worse, not only did she. 1. get caught 2. plead guilty 3. get only $100 for her efforts but, shes suing her own defense Lawyer! Why you might ask? Because her former Lawyer Timothy Johnson and, another Lawyer Calvin Campbell, gave confidential naked photos of her to the public. Now potential clients, jurors,and judges have all seen these embarrassing files.

Hey Reema! have a question for ya. Why do you care if someone sees you naked? Your a prostitute remember? Thats what prostitute’s do get naked in front of people! If someones paying you for sex, they might want to see what you working with..Know what i mean? Bajaj says shes “suffered great anger and humiliation” according to her lawsuit.

She was fined $2,500 and ordered to do 50 hours of community service and, have a psych evaluation done on her. Man she got off easy if you ask me, hears the sentence i would have given her.

But her in a huge glass box in the busiest part of Chicago, place a giant sign outside the box saying the following. I’M A LICENSED LAWYER CAUGHT PROSTITUTING FOR $100, I’M NOT VERY GOOD AT BEING A PROSTITUTE SO DON’T BE LIKE ME! GO TO SCHOOL GET YOUR LAW DEGREE AND, ACTUALLY PRACTICE LAW!

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