14 April 2008 – From Rawalpindi To Lahore With Family

Oh my God, this video brings back memories of my mother, she’s not alive anymore but videos and pictures are the best way to see her time and time again… In this clip we were on our way to Lahore via train. We went to Bibi Paak Daman and then Data Darbar. I actually always hated Lahore and I still do to be honest with you, just too many people man, and most of them with no manners whatsoever. And please, if you are a Lahore, may be you’re the most educated person in your entire family so I am not being personal, I am just too boring. There is no place like Rawalpindi & Islamabad, well Islamabad is more prettier than Rawalpindi but Rawalpindi is my home, Islamabad is just that next door sexy girl one is always trying to hang-out with 😛 So once again my Lahori friends, I am just being honest, there just are too many people in Lahore and most of them don’t even know how to talk politely…

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