10 Explosive Tips to Sweep Any Girl Off Her Feet


So, you are interested in her and want to sweep her off her feet? You don’t have to be dashing and rich to get the best girl in town. Any ordinary man can get what he wants if only he is observant and wiling to take the risk. Look no further. Just read the tips given below and have your lady love swoon in your arms!


Tip No. 1

Make her feel special

Unlike what many men tend to think, most women are not out to get the richest hunk in town. What they want is a man who takes care to make them feel special. Remember, for women feelings matter more than thoughts. So, make your girl feel wanted and cared for. It could be as ordinary as a compliment on her features, laughter or even her dress.


Tip No. 2

Make eye contact

Women don’t like men who look everywhere else except in the eye. Don’t think that a woman is going to feel insulted if you look straight in her eye and talk to her. In fact, showing complete attention will make her feel good and you might even manage to get a shy smile out of her!


Tip No. 3

Show her that she is top priority for you

Go out of your way to show her how much you care. Talk to her when she starts her day or send her a ‘have a nice day’ or a ‘thinking of you’ card. Let her known that her calls matter a great deal to you. Little gestures like these will definitely melt a woman’s heart.


Tip No. 4

Surprise her

Women love surprises especially if it is something that they like or love. It could be reserving a seat for two in her favorite restaurant or getting her favorite flowers.

Tip No. 5

Be creative

Instead of doing stereotype things why don’t you do something that makes her feel that you went out of the way just for her? Cook something for her at your place making it all cozy and cute. Women really love that.


Tip No.6

Confide in her

Now, now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean getting out all the skeletons from your closet! Just talk to her genuinely about certain things you feel most about and how you love sharing it with her.


Tip No.7

Understand her body language

Learn to observe how a woman reacts to certain situations. So, if she hesitates to go out with you, pick up the hint and don’t force her. Leave your phone number, email id or screen name and tell her that you will be thinking of her.

Tip No.8

Try being unconditional and let her know

When you compliment her or give her a little gift let your sincerity show and not that desperate part of you that wants to catch hold of her and not let her go! Let her know that it would be okay even if she was busy.


Tip No.9

Listen to her

Don’t just keep talking and asking questions. Take care to listen to what she says however boring it may be at first.


Tip No.10

Call her up often

Simply call her up to say ‘Hi!’ or ‘Just called to say how much I love you.’ It will make her want you more and more. Isn’t that what you actually wanted?


Source by Jack Meijer

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